Orlando Eviction lawyer Edward Meiner can help you get rid of your problem tenant.

Orlando eviction attorney Edward Meiner will help you through the eviction process—from writing a correct 3 day notice to getting a default judgment and all points in between.

Florida landlord tenant laws are complex and can be very costly to the owner of a rental property when not hiring the right eviction attorney. We can save you lots of time, money and give you peace of mind that your eviction is being performed by a qualified attorney.

Orlando Eviction Attorney Edward Meiner
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Here are the basic steps of residential eviction actions for non-payment in Orange County Florida.

  1. Serve the correctly prepared 3 day notice .

  2. Summons and Complaint - this is done at the Clerk of the Court and must contain a copy of the 3 day notice, correct amount of copies of the complaint, and a copy of the lease if one exists for each tenant in the subject property. After this is done and all fees are paid the summons is prepared and delivered by the Sheriff or private process server.
  3. The tenant has 5 days to answer with the court and if they do then we schedule a hearing before the judge. If they do not answer, then we file for a default judgment.
  4. When we win, the judge will grant us a Final Judgment of possession an order a writ of possession.
  5. Again the Sheriff gets involved giving the landlord access to the property after 24 hour notice.

Don't waste your time trying to do the job of a qualified Orlando Eviction attorney.

Problem is, if you do any one little thing wrong the judge may make you start over. Spend your time finding quality tenants, not going to court. Hire Lawyer Edward Meiner for all your eviction needs.

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