About Edward Meiner

edward-meiner-attorney-evictionsMeiner’s Law Serving Central Florida since 1958

Edward S. Meiner devotes over 95% of his practice to representing Landlords and Tenants in eviction actions. A full-time landlord and attorney, he understands the value of time and the need to act quickly to secure your investment. Nineteen years of experience in real property litigation means you receive quality representation at affordable prices.

Initial consultation and review of 3-day notices are FREE!

Legal Services

  • Preparation and review of residential leases
  • Advice on certain clauses that should be included in a lease
  • Preparation and posting of 3-day notices and notices of non-renewal or rules violations
  • Preparation of notices of for curable and non-curable violations.for unauthorized tenants or dogs.
  • Preparation of the complaint and summons for eviction, motion for default, final judgment and writ of possession.
  • Preparation of Stipulation, where if the tenant wishes to stay and pay he can make payments under a court-enforced agreement. Call 407-625-8404 or visit our contact page for more information.

Spend your time finding quality deals and quality tenants and protect your investment. Property management is a business and requires a firm hand and strong rules and collection procedures.

Edward Meiner was admitted to the Florida Bar on 10/23/1992, he graduated from Cumberland School of Law, and was a graduate from UCF. He is third generation native of Orlando and Orange County.