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Edward Meiner, Attorney at Law

Central Florida's top eviction attorney. Saving you time and money by making the eviction process simple and affordable.

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Tenant Problems?

Orlando Eviction Lawyer Edward Meiner can help you get rid of your problem tenants.

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Orlando's Go-To Eviction Attorney

Edward S. Meiner: 20 years experience litigating real property disputes here in Orlando and the surrounding communities.

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Goodbye Nuisance Tentants

For more than 20 years, Ed Meiner has been Central Florida's most reliable and affordable eviction attorney.

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Residential and Commercial

Ed Meiner knows the eviction process inside and out for all rentals.

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Meiner’s Law Serving Central Florida Since 1958

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I understand the value of your time

I devote over 95% of my practice to representing Landlords in Eviction Actions. As a full-time landlord and attorney, I understand the value of your time–and the need to act quickly to secure your investment. Having than twenty years of experience in real property litigation means you will receive quality representation, at affordable prices.

A full-time hassle

Being a Landlord, for the average person, is not a full-time job. Instead, most Landlords have their own full-time job and full-time family responsibilities. If your tenant is causing problems and/or not paying rent, it can cause a full-time hassle.

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Tenant Problems

Orlando Eviction lawyer Edward Meiner can help you get rid of your problem tenant.

Orlando eviction attorney Edward Meiner will help you through the eviction process—from writing a correct 3-day notice to getting a default judgment and all points in between.

Florida landlord-tenant laws are complex and can be very costly to the owner of a rental property when not hiring the right eviction attorney. We can save you lots of time, money and give you peace of mind that your eviction is being performed by a qualified attorney.

Orlando Eviction Attorney Edward Meiner 
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